Sand Heaters For Ready Mix Concrete.

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Sand Heater - Right side discharge with takeaway conveyor

Increased Profit

Heating sand has proven to be a highly effective means to control mix temperature and improve product quality while increasing profits. Better initial heat provides earlier strength gain. Mix quality is vastly improved by eliminating the need for superheated water. Finishing time is considerably reduced lowering labor costs typically associated with winter concrete. Properly heated concrete multiplies the effectiveness of non-chloride accelerators.

Sand heaters come as a portable unit or skid mounted. The sand heater is self-contained with a rotary drum assembly, with sealed-in with 3.5 million up to 16 million BTU burned assemblies and plant mounted control system.

Sand Heater - outlet

The fuel consumption rate is .27 gallons per ton of material produced at a 90°F temperature rise. Units will operate on Natural gas, Liquid Propane, #1 or #2 Diesel. Estimated fuel cost is 40 cents per cubic yard of concrete. A small stock pile of sand will hold heat internally for up to 10 days, the larger the stock pile the higher the temperature and the longer the temperature will be held.

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Material Types

  • Sand
  • Coarse Aggregate
  • Frozen Material with sizes up to 10 inches in diameter
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Sand Heater Advantages

  • Season Extension:

    High Quality Concrete production can continue without interruption through extremely cold winter conditions. You can provide more concrete for customers to use at temperatures well below freezing.
  • Reduction in Chemical Accelerator Costs:

    Sand Heater - Gas fired heating unit with takeaway conveyor Uniformly heated sand elimiantes or reduces the need for expensive non-chloride acceleartors - putting the profit in your pocket!
  • Reduce the Need and Cost for Other Heating Systems:

    Because sand retains heat well, uniformly heated sand can be delivered to satellite plants, thus reducing the investment, maintenance and operating costs of other heating systems.
  • Better Setting Winter Concrete Equals More Customers and Increased Profits:

    Your company will attract more customers with the consistently uniform concrete temperatures and consistently predictable set times.
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Sand Heater - Burner with manifold for natural gas

Benefits Of Heated Sand

  • Makes winter concrete production and material flow as easy as summer with uniform moisture content
  • No frozen chunks to block gates & slow production
  • Effectively control the temperature and quality of concrete with cooler water
  • Consistent concrete temperature throughout the day
  • Better temperatures for earlier strength gain
  • Consistent moisture content usually around 3%
  • Initial set time reduced
  • Warmer concrete provides better reaction with non-cholride accelerators
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Configuration Options

Sand Heaters come in 4 different sizes. They can be mounted 2 different ways and run on 4 different fuel types - we have 32 CHOICES for how your equipment is configured. Call us toll free at 844-211-1478 and let us help you get started!
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